Guidelines in Maintaining a Rose Garden

Rose is undeniably the most popular flower of all time.  It is usually a symbol of love and this is what most women want to receive on special occasions.  Aside from this purpose, many people also consider taking care of roses one of their hobbies. If you are fond of receiving roses, you might also […]

Getting Help from Landscape Designers

In landscaping, colour is a major concern since colours reflect a lot of things, such as the perspective of a person as well as his emotions and principles. If there is one thing that can strongly determine people’s outlook and needs in life, it’s got to be the choice of colours.  People who need tranquillity […]

Garden Water Safety – Advice and Information

Drowning in ponds and paddling pools accounts for the highest number of deaths among children in the garden. It is a terrifying fact that babies and small children can drown in as little as 5cm/2in of water. Older children and adults automatically hold their breath when their head goes under water, but small children and […]

How to Build a Habitat Garden

The nesting requirements of different species of birds are very diverse. Some love holes in old trees, others dense foliage, such as that provided by shrubs, hedges, or climbers like ivy. It is possible to attract a wide variety of birds, from owls to tits, by pulling up a range of nest boxes. Like birdbaths […]

How to Build Play Structures in Your Family Garden

Giving children their own space and territory is important tor their happiness as well as good family relations. If everyone is on top of each other irritations soon develop and arguments are inevitable. Private hideaways and secret dens are an excellent way of providing the sense of adventure and freedom children require within the safety […]

How to Plan a Family Garden

Many young families are attracted to new housing estates. They offer affordable, brand new houses with builders’ guarantees, banishing maintenance worries for a good few years. They also offer the prospect of other young families to befriend, as well as conveniently placed facilities such as playgrounds, medical centres and shops. Planners and builders of new […]

Inorganic Recycling Tips for Your Garden

Most families generate a quite shocking amount of waste. Luckily, with a bit of imagination, many things can be given a second lease of life. Holed kettles can be pushed sideways into a hedge for small birds to nest in, a chipped mug can be hung up as a birdfeeder, old carpets can be used […]

Keeping Small Farm Animals in Your Garden

If you have the space and time to devote to them, it is immensely rewarding to keep a few small farm animals, either as pets or as livestock. Ponies Taking on a pony is a huge and expensive responsibility and not to be embarked upon lightly unless you are absolutely sure your children will take […]

Planning Your Garden Paths and Driveways

Paths and driveways are vital elements in the design process, as they not only link the house with the outside world, but, in the case of paths, different areas within the garden. The shape you decide upon for your paths and driveways will have as much an effect on the impression they create as the […]

Types of Garden Surface Materials

Concrete The main advantage of concrete is dial it is cheap and easy to lay. It is also hard-wearing and does not require much maintenance. Concrete is an extremely flexible material and can be bought as slabs, poured into moulds to make shapes or laid direct on to a hardcore base and then finished either […]