Which Garden Plants are Unsafe for Children

While some plants may pose a danger to children, it is more frequently that children pose a danger (and a deadly one at that) to plants. A vigorous game of football in the wrong place can cause unbelievable destruction. To avoid living in a constant state of anxiety about the damage that is being wrought […]

Current Project

We are now well into a rear garden project in South Wootton. Having cleared lots of undergrowth and unwanted plants and structures, we’ve restored the pond (which the fish seem to have appreciated), and are about to set out on the construction phase. Eight tonnes of recycled railway ballast finings (which are inert, by the […]

The Weather

Allegedly in this country we are obsessed by the weather, and although we don’t suffer the extremes of other countries, we do all need to have one eye on the forecast as we plan our gardening tasks. A previous blog has suggested things to bear in mind at this time of year, with the prospect […]

Job Review – end September

Well, the job at Ely has now been completed satisfactorily. As well as the Indian Sandstone patio we’ve already mentioned, there were 4 raised beds (for flowers and shrubs), two circular beds (created using more sandstone), and shingle areas. We also installed an irrigation system, properly tested so that each jet produced an appropriate flow […]

Autumn Hints (Pt 2)

A few more Autumn hints for you – bits and pieces to do, or at least to remember when next at the garden centre. It’s time to think of planting spring greens (cabbage, broccoli, etc), onions (early growth can be used as spring onions) and winter mixed lettuces.  For a good early year floral display, […]

Autumn Hint and Tips

Its an active time in the garden right now, but don’t overlook your log order – evening temperatures will soon be falling to the “lets light the fire” level. Be prepared! Time to be planning the autumn clear out now. But if you have problems getting rid of the pile of clippings and choppings please […]

Ely Job update September

Although we tend to concentrate on the West Norfolk area we are currently working on a garden design and construct in Ely. Our client has chosen to have a circular patio of Indian Sandstone “Fossil Earth”. The patio has been built this week and (with the permission of our client) photos will appear on the […]