Drives and patios Norfolk

Most clients want an area of hard standing in their garden for two principal reasons. Firstly somewhere for off street parking or to give firm access to a garage, and secondly an area on which to site a table and chairs to relax with family and friends with a barbie and glass of wine (shouldn’t forget to mention the orange juice for those not tempted by the falling over liquid!).

As for drives, they need to be durable, stable and well constructed. They have to withstand heavy weights and turning stresses, and also need to be well drained and properly cambered. And an issue that is maybe overlooked for what is basically a utilitarian aspect of a garden – they need to look good and complement the property. A well constructed and attractive drive can add value to a house. It’s often one of the first areas of a house/garden to be seen and you know what they say about kerb appeal…


We have experience of designing and constructing drives, mainly using a dense form of brick which can take the loads imposed upon it and looks good when completed. We would fully assess your requirements and talk you through all the options and aspects of the project before quoting.

Burrows & Howes are proud to be listed as one of Marshalls Approved Installers.

Only a Marshalls Register Installer can offer you the option of a unique Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee to protect your investment into the future:

  • Covers material defects for a full 10 years
  • Covers installation defects for a full 5 years

Patios are a speciality for us. We have designed and built so many over recent years. All are unique, all are designed in the context of the house and the size and shape of the garden. Some are square or oblong, others are circular, some are stepped. Some are square with embedded circles – the options are endless. And also there is a wide variety of materials available, one of our favourite materials to use currently is natural Indian Sandstone.

So our task is to discuss the options and make recommendations based on our experience at an early stage in the process to ensure that the end result will enhance the garden and be a joy to use for many years. Our portfolio gives examples of patios we’ve installed, but don’t think we’d ask you to choose a model “off the peg”- our patios are bespoke, just like a good quality suit!