Planting Services and Design

Planting a new garden is the finishing process after the structural work is over. It’s akin to furnishing a room thats just been decorated, and it demands an artistic approach that can visualise colours, textures, scents, and relative sizes. And its not just “what does it look like” now, but also “what will it look like” next year and the years after that. Obviously planting has to be maintained and/or renewed from time to time, but an initial planting scheme has to offer a short and longer term benefit. For example plants that grow quickly may well smother other plants within a year or so, and it’s important to be aware of a planting strategy that avoids those sorts of conflicts.

Our planting team has many years experience and will recommend plants which complement each other and are suitable for the structure of the garden. We offer to visit plant suppliers in the area, with the client, to make sure that any particular requirements or preferences can be incorporated. A partnership approach which clients appreciate.

Have a look at our portfolio to see some of our recent projects. We also have an album of photographs which we can show you to give a more thorough view of our work and which we bring with us when quoting.