raised beds - Norfolk

Raised beds are popular garden features these days. They offer several advantages – easy to plant and maintain; they separate different types of plant; they can be used for flowers or vegetables; they add structure to a garden; and they can hold particular soil types.

As may be seen from our portfolio, the raised beds we install are of modern, preservative impregnated sleepers which are set together in a wide variety of shapes and heights. We’ve also used such sleepers for retaining walls, ponds, and other garden features – they’re quite versatile for big slabs of wood! And by the way the preservative used is completely safe – no risk to pets, humans or other animals!

Many of our garden makeovers include a raised bed and often more than one. They seem to be suitable for many garden situations, and we’d be happy to consider their suitability for your garden if you wish.

Rock Gardens are popular in garden design and are a low maintenance feature in any area of your garden.  They are also well suited to front gardens as well as back gardens.  They can be planted with many varieties of alpine plants, grasses or any slow growing plant suitable for dry conditions.  Many shape, sizes and types of rocks can be used in this popular feature, from many different areas or even countries.