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A MOTHER and her disabled daughter have spoke of the kindness of the Lady Landscapers who have given them back their garden after four years of being trapped by brambles.

Christina Darkins, 66, lives in Sporle with her daughter Donna Mummery, 47, who has Down’s Syndrome and suffers with heart and lung problems which have caused her to need a pacemaker fitted.

Mrs Darkins said: “Donna has been very ill and caring for her by myself means we have neglected the garden. We just got on with it each day and didn’t realise how bad it was until it became more than a one-person job.

“We haven’t been in our garden for over four years. The brambles were over three foot high, the steps had crumbled and there were no hand rails.”

Ally Burrows, 41, owns gardening company Burrows and Howes, which has been based in Marham for 12 years.

The company has a team of Lady Landscapers, who were sent out to clear the family’s garden after Mrs Darkins called to ask for a quote on clearing the garden and making it safe.

Miss Burrows said: “Christina told me she was on a £500 budget for all the work and I knew the work would cost around £5,000 for the labour and materials.

“I decided I wanted us to do the work for free on the garden but knew we could not afford to provide all the materials.”