Logs and Kindling

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Quite clearly when the weather deteriorates and autumn turns to winter, landscaping becomes less of a priority and keeping warm is much more important. So in response to the fluctuating nature of our landscaping activities we decided 2 or 3 winters ago to supply logs and kindling for woodburners and open hearths. This side of our business has grown rapidly with many repeat customers, and fully complements the landscaping business.

We offer two sizes of log load – a full trailer, which amounts to 3 cubic metres or thereabouts, and a half load. The price of a full load is about 55% higher than the half load and therefore offers an incentive to customers to go for the larger load. To be blunt, delivering a full load is less in time and diesel costs than two half loads and we can therefore pass on that saving.

Generally we supply a mix of woods – a load would include hard woods and soft woods, and it’s the mixed load that interests most customers. A totally hardwood load attracts a premium as those woods are more expensive to come by.

All the logs are ready for burning, being well seasoned and split to a manageable size, and our prices are competitive with those of other suppliers.

As with landscaping we pride ourselves on a customer focused service and expect to deliver promptly at the time and on the day agreed. We will phone if we need to make changes to a delivery arrangement but only rarely is that necessary.

The kindling comes in a sack equivalent in size to a cabbage sack (a little smaller than a 25 kg sack of potatos). We don’t supply kindling on its own – only with a log delivery. However we may do so in exceptional circumstances to a regular customer if we’re also delivering logs to someone else in the same locality.

You are best advised to order logs well in advance of your requirement! In previous years our deliverability has been stretched to the limit at peak times (eg the run up to Christmas), and later on in the season we’ve known some suppliers to run out of logs, which has added to the workload of those still able to deliver. So order early if you can.

And if those extra layers of clothing are already going on, think of the warmth and cosy glow from a log burner or open fire, and phone us for details of cost and delivery. It’s the carbon neutral way to comfort.

Oh – and don’t forget the discount offer!!